“Die In” to Protest the Killings of Unarmed Civilians January 16, 2015 By Fiona


San Francisco, California

Join the disability community at a “die in”to Protest our justice system’s failure to prosecute the killing of unarmed civilians, including Eric Garner, Michael Brown & John Crawford.

*Those who are unable to lie down due to disability or for another reason are encouraged to participate in a manner most comfortable for them. Sign Language interpretation will be available. Contact jack.morris2014@gmail.com for any other accommodation requests.*

After the Die-In,  rally participants are welcome to accompany action  organizers to the San Francisco City Attorney’s office where protest will be directed toward the handling of the Sheehan police shooting case, which the City Attorney has appealed to the Supreme Court. This case has the potential to undermine the ADA’s protections nationwide.  Please let action organizers  know if you can join them for this as well; send responses to jack.morris2014@gmail.com.

For more information on the Sheehan case,  click here and here


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