Video: Cops Beat And Taser Man For Honking Car Horn

On Body Cameras didn’t stop this battering

A man in Rialto, California, received a police beat down and a tasering last week after he merely honked his car horn at officers who were blocking a driveway.

While the police department in Rialto has been cited many times as one of the first to fully adopt on body cameras, it was left to a citizen to capture footage of the incident and bring it to public attention.

The footage shows a man on the ground being beaten with batons and being tasered at the same time. The woman filing the beating hysterically asks the cops to stop, saying that the man is not resisting.

After being barked at to get back, she then encourages him to obey the cops’ command to turn onto his front, a position he likely could not adopt while having 50,000 volts coarse through his body.

The Woman who filmed the incident has claimed that the officers became violent when the man honked his horn at them in a gesture to alert them he needed to drive through the route they were blocking.

It seems that asking police in California not to block the road is now a violent and threatening action worthy of a forceful response.


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