How Do We Police the Police


Tension between U.S. citizens and police departments are increasing every day. How do we police the police to arrive at a system satisfying everyone?

There are always two sides to every story. If you look at the Gardner NYC video


, this seems to be a miscarriage of justice. I may see it differently from others. Here is my take to help us  understand why  many citizens are taking up the callimage:

of Hands Up.When you have a chance to review the entire video it becomes clear the police did not catch Gardner during the commission of a crime. I am sure that they had no legal right to arrest someone without evidence or catching them red-handed. If a local businessman reported Gardner for selling loose cigarettes that would be hearsay, unless supported with evidence.

I understand why Gardner was so upset as he had not been doing, at that time, anything in violation of the law. In fact, the resident who took the video tried to tell the police that Gardner had just broken up a fight between two local residents.

Thus the question. When police are in error, what system is in place for citizens to be sure that someone is policing the police. It is impossible to expect prosecutors to be responsible for judging people they work

with every day.Image Attribution: Wikipedia CC by SA 3.0


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