Celebration kicks off Black History Month in Columbia

Lindsey Berning, Reporter

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Saturday, many members of the community are coming together to celebrate Black History Month in Columbia.

The event put on by Peoples’ Visioning, the City of Columbia, Parks and Recreation and more, is to educate residents about black history and bring the community closer together.

Michael Floore, the Police Chief of East St. Louis, will be talking about diversity and race relations. And Monta Welch, the director of Peoples’ Visioning, said they will also be talking about job opportunities in the community and helping with voter registration.

“We’re really trying to help have the conversation about community unity here in our community and come together to build a new future that includes all of us,” Welch said.

“And just kind of talk about some things on the police side that maybe will help with diversity, what has happened over the past year with the Michael Brown case that happened in St. Louis,” Floore said. “So maybe we can shed some light on some things that may help moving forward.”

This is the first year Peoples’ Visioning has put on the event.

It is being held in the Armory Sports and Recreation Center on West Ash Street from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.



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