Ferguson Protester Faces Three Years In Prison For Anonymous Mask

It all started as a routine traffic stop, but then a Ferguson, Missouri police officer saw that the activists who were “Cop Watching” them had an “Anonymous” mask… the iconic and unmistakably the symbol of the notorious “hacktivist” movement.

This was right after the #OpFerguson had taken off in response to the police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Fuck the police, huh?” one of the officers said.

The people in the car knew they were in trouble right away.

“I was targeted for being who I am and representing the collective known as Anonymous,” Alex Poucher, 29, said.

Poucher was one of the passengers. He now has five charges pending against him, including trespassing and two counts of interfering with an officer, as well as impeding traffic, refusal to disperse, and unlawful assembly. In total, he’s facing 3 years behind bars.

Poucher captured three of these arrests on video. He’s now calling on fellow activists and all who believe in justice for the oppressed to help him raise $12,000 on GoFundMe. He says he can’t possibly stand a chance against the police and the State with a court appointed lawyer. He wants to help make case law by going hard against these corrupt police with a lawyer who can adequately defend himself… and the Constitution.

Poucher says he never broke the law nor disobeying any police orders. He explains that he was targeted simply for association with Anonymous.

The St. Louis County Municipal Court says that Poucher was arrested because he was “interlocking arms with other protesters to prevent police officers from moving protesters from the street to the sidewalk and to avoid arrest.”

Poucher categorically denies all of this. In fact, his arrest was captured on video by the Associated Press. The video proves that Poucher wasn’t near another protester — not close enough to link arms with anyone, as the police fictitiously claim. It also shows him following police orders, turning and walking down the sidewalk in compliance with police orders.

Watch the video below and see for yourself…



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